Sonic Dash Generates Nearly $11m, More Than Last Five Sonic Mobile Games Combined

Even after seven years, Sonic Dash is still getting significant content and character updates. And with this latest news it’s clear to see why – SEGA Hardlight’s mobile auto-runner is a huge cash cow, earning nearly $11 million since its initial release – reportedly more revenue than the last five Sonic mobile games combined.

In a report on Pocket Gamer (which seems to be taking a rather negative view with the news, suggesting that SEGA has yet to figure out a consistently successful business model for Sonic), Sensor Tower data shows that Sonic Dash has generated more revenue than Sonic at the Olympic Games, Sonic Forces, Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom, Sonic Runners and Sonic Jump Fever combined. Those five games earned a collective $8.7 million – still not to be sniffed at, but perhaps in the mobile world this is seen as small potatoes.

However, Sonic Racing is not included in the list because, as an Apple Arcade subscription game, Sensor Tower is unable to determine exactly how much revenue SEGA would have made back on that title. So the revenue gap could be much smaller, depending on how successful the arcade racer has been.

Still, it’s a remarkable achievement for SEGA Hardlight’s flagship Sonic title, which seems to be hitting milestone after milestone. From Pocket Gamer, here’s a shortlist of the games and their respective revenue lines.

  • Sonic Dash: $10.8 million / 290.7 million global installs
  • Sonic Forces: $5 million / 46.1 million global installs
  • Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom: $2.4 million / 102.6 million global installs
  • Sonic Jump Fever: $600,000 / 28.3 million global installs
  • Sonic Runners: $526,000 / 9.38 million global installs
  • Sonic at the Olympic Games: $200,000 / 3.3 million global installs

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