Shirt Alert! Hedgehog Hills available at Shirt.Woot

Today in Shirt Alert, Woot! turns your hills from #00FF00 to #0000FF.

I have a torso, you have a torso, we all have a torso, and that torso needs a shirt with a fancy picture on it. Shirt Alert has you covered, perhaps literally, in all the great daily shirt Sonic designs, because someone has to sort through those Baby Yoda drawings and Akira poster parodies.

Today brings us another design from Shirt.Woot, Amazon’s weird little brother. Hedgehog Hills by MEKAZOO sets an accurate reproduction of Green Hill Act 1 against a royal blue sunset. Or sunrise. I don’t actually know which. The point being, it looks vaguely classy.

Woot! offers the design as a tee (long and short sleeve), tank top, sweatshirt, or hoodie (with and without zipper) ranging from $15 to $32.

This design’s days are numbered, and that number is August 3rd, so if you need some South Island in your life, head on over now!

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