Sonic Birthday Lobby Returns to Phantasy Star Online 2; Beat Up Sonic Enemies For Rare Loot

In what appears to be an annual tradition, SEGA is once again celebrating Sonic’s birthday in its massive online RPG, Phantasy Star Online 2. Starting today, players can log in to find the ‘Sonic Lobby’, which will greet you with an adoring monument of the blue blur and offer special Sonic-themed items for a limited time.

What appears to be different this year is that the lobby includes a new game to play. Rings are scattered around the arena, and players need to race around collecting as many as they can… if they’re successful, they can change the Sonic statue in the centre of the lobby.

According to the official PSO2 update page, you can also now encounter a Sonic-themed enemy called a ‘Sonic Nyau’. Look at its wee little face. If you see it, beating it up gets you some rare item drops, so keep an eye out for it!

Source: PSO2 Update

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