Legacy Sonic Fan Site ‘Sonic Cage Dome’ Returns With New Crew

If you’re a bit of an old-timer in the Sonic community, you’ll remember a website called ‘Sonic Cage Dome’. Dedicated to online Sonic game tournaments and streamed multiplayer events (it was basically Twitch before Twitch happened), it had an enthusiastic gaming community and was even a part of the ‘TSS Network’. Now, ten years after it closed its doors, a new team has revived the project – just in time for Sonic’s 29th birthday.

The refreshed site has a new focus on Sonic news and gaming updates, but SCD head Jamie Egge Mann (who previously founded and ran The Sonic Show YouTube channel for many years) says that the site intends to re-introduce its online gaming roots. Quite what form that will take has yet to be decided, as Jay writes, “we are fully aware that 2020 is a different time and that isn’t how everyone consumes Sonic fandom anymore.”

In the meantime, many former Sonic Cage Dome staffers from 2003-2008 – including Mike Taylor and SpinDashMaster – have returned to help Jay out with re-imagining the site. Back in its heyday, SCD was responsible for a number of awesome community events – including an annual ‘Sonic Olympics’ contest and a ‘Sonic Stadium Network’-collaboration called “The Sonic Love-In” as part of a Rub Rabbits Nintendo DS giveaway – and even had its own fan game studio called Sonic Cage Dome Technical Institute.

We hope the spirit of those halcyon times can be revived in some way, and we wish our friends over at SCD all the very best! You can visit the new site by heading here!

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