G Fuel Wants You To Drink Rings this August

Do you like energy drinks?! Do you like novelty Sonic-themed energy drinks?!! Do you like novelty energy drinks in special edition box sets?!!!!!?!?!? Then do we have the energy supplement powdered drink mix for you!

Starting in August 2020, G Fuel, the “OFFICIAL DRINK OF ESPORTS®” will offer Sonic-branded G Fuel Peach Ring energy drink mix, shaker cups, pre-mixed cans, and a collector’s box containing the drink mix and a shaker cup accessory.

G Fuel presents itself as a gamer focused energy supplement drink. The company’s website enthusiastically shows off its sponsorship of Twitch, YouTube, and esports personalities, many of which have flavors “inspired” by them. Sonic’s Peach Ring sits among other game sponsored flavors such as Resident Evil 3’s Nemesis Tea Flavor, Doom Eternal’s Spicy Demon’ade, and Code Vein’s Type O. The product is touted as sugar free (though containing artificial sweeteners), with 150mg of caffeine per serving, as well as taurine and B-vitamins.

You can join the drink’s wait list at gfuel.com


  1. There are actually 140 mg of Caffeine in the tubs. They are now decreasing the caffeine in the tubs.

  2. The Tub/Formula: 140mg of Caffeine
    The Energy Cans: 300mg of Caffeine.

    Before you buy make sure to read the ingredients as G FUEL is recommend those who are over 16.

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