Community Spotlight: Fans Re-Animate An Entire Episode of Sonic X

“Re-animation” projects have been a common thing on YouTube for a couple years now, and Sonic fans released their first crack at it back in April when they released an entirely re-animated episode of Sonic X!

Nearly 300 animators spent 17 months re-making episode 5 of Sonic X frame-by-frame, employing a variety of styles. Check it out below:


  1. Poor Chris, never thought he was out of place in the show, but personally I always wondered how it would’ve gone if they had picked a girl instead, think Helen, not wealthy or lonely just helping out the characters by giving them a place to stay.
    Episode 26 is still one of my favorites and just wouldn’t be the same without Chris.

    I imagine people would have gotten their pitchforks though, because a female human interacting with Sonic is apparently too much to handle.

  2. i thought it was really funny when knuckles flailed his fists whilst going bonkers with a wide mouthed crazy look over and over smashing trees and chasing sonic.

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