Buy Sonic Generations on Steam for $1.00

Yes, seriously. Sonic Generations is 95% off it’s MSRP on Steam right now, so you’d better act quickly! In fact, many other Sonic games are available for a ridiculously low price.

Steam is having another sale on Sonic games, and their price for Sonic Generations is the lowest yet. $1. That’s ridiculously cheap! Other notable games in this sale include Sonic Mania for $6.79, Sonic Lost World for $7.49, the original Sonic the Hedgehog for $1.24 and Sonic Adventure 2 for $2.49, among many others!

Like all sales, this is limited, so be sure to nab this while you can.

…Sonic Generations. For $1. Come ON. ONE DOLLAR!

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  1. i played the game and for 3 minutes and the game started lagging and the action controls are in reversed when the frame rate drops or load sections of the level. I have a Radeon RX 580 and i haven’t had this much problems with any game i downloaded maybe this is why it’s only a dollar or maybe i have a insufficent hardware

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