Sonic at the Olympic Games – Tokyo 2020 Out Now On Mobile Devices UPDATE: It’s Working Now Too!

Sonic is back at the Olympics again, this time on mobile devices! Sonic at the Olympics Games – Tokyo 2020 is now available on iOS and Android devices. The game lets players compete across 15 different events with various Sonic characters, and also includes a story mode complete with boss battles.

The game is “free to start,” with in-app purchases required to play the entire game.

There doesn’t appear to be a launch trailer, but go ahead and check out the official event trailer below:

As of the posting of this article, the game is not technically available to play. Users who download the game will receive an error message and a notification that the “online play for this game will start shortly.” We’ll update this article once we’ve confirmed the game is playable!

UPDATE: The game’s servers are now up and running! If you’ve already downloaded the game, you can now play it! We will update this article with info about the game’s in-game purchases later today.

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  1. There’s a game breaking glitch where the download screen turns in loop at Roppongi, Fencing 3-1. I was unable to play the game after that point. After 50 tries to reboot the game and the system, I decided to transfer the data to another phone : terrible idea, cuz a “Connexion Error” erased all my progression on both phones. Seven hours of progression and unlocking. What a shame.

    Sega can’t make a decent iOS game in 2020. I asked for a refunding.

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