Sonic Says “Stay Home” in New Billboard

SEGA Brand Manager Nathan Shabazi has shared a new Sonic billboard. The billboard promotes the #StayHomePlayHome hashtag, which has been utilized by organizations and companies to encourage people to remain indoors during the pandemic. Check it out below:

In his tweet Shabazi thanked Liquid Advertising for getting these up, although it’s not exactly clear where these are going up at the moment.

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  1. It’s nice to know brands continue to inject themselves into the troubling state of the world, and that advertising companies are willing to spend a whole three minutes coming up with a slogan. A slogan that doesn’t actually make sense. I was really thinking of putting myself and my family at risk before stock art of a cartoon animal told me not to.

    1. ignore the losers supporting this man. you’re right this is lame as fuck from sega to get some marketing in there.

    2. Everyone has an opinion. Whether ignorant or not. That billboard is for kids to encourage them. Come on people.

  2. I find it ironic that a videogame company that had to combat the soccer moms in the ’90s over their children not exercising enough is now encouraging people to stay inside 😑

  3. I wasn’t going to respond to respond to any of this, but now I feel like I’m obligated to.
    If this billboard made you feel warm butterflies inside, great. Non-sarcastic great. I’m glad you get to have that, and I have no business taking that away from you. Power to you, keep that spirit. You’re probably right that my tone was over the top and unreasonably scathing. Heck, I’ll even give them a complement, according to their Facebook page, Liquid Advertising seems to have donated money to the L.A. Emergency COVID-19 Crisis Fund. That fantastic.
    That said, this is an outdoor billboard with the message “Stay at home and play games” coming from an ad firm that specializes in game advertising. Even if it was meant to be sincere, all the context just smacks of insincerity, and there’s few things that get under my skin than a company that, in a moment of importance, seems like it’s faking sincerity. They may be good people trying to do good work, but the message wasn’t “Sonic says wear a mask” or “Sonic says stand 6 feet apart.” It was “Sonic says stay home (and play).” At the very least, more thought could have went into this.

  4. For one, this was made to tell little kids to stay home any teen or adult would have enough common sense to stay home but a small kid wouldn’t care about the pandemic or would fully understand what’s going on and would go outside anyway
    It wouldn’t be any different if this were a Mario poster or one of Kirby, they’re all made for kids and this was to tell them to stay home, not hard to figure out
    Now about the slogan, I agree they could have made it a lot better, it doesn’t make any sense as is..if it were to say, “Sonic says to wash your hands” or something like that, it would of been much better
    From someone who grew up with this series I would of had it say “Sonic says to stay home, kick back and grab some chilidogs!” Or something like that

  5. This shit is hilarious. Are you people seriously getting mad at a fucking billboard? Dont hate Cuz sonic’s first attempt at a live action movie was far better than Mario’s attempt. LMFAO!

    BTW I’m not replying to anyone. If you try to all I have to say is FTFOMF!!!

  6. Does anyone else think Sonic wouldn’t? Like he be minding his business in the middle of Yosemite park there are no people and the feds can get lost.

    1. Yosemite Park isn’t a Sonic location. Also, Sonic doesn’t stay in one place long enough to mind his business.

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