TSS Review: Sonic the Hedgehog Motion Picture Soundtrack

We take our seat at the movies to review the orchestral score to the Sonic the Hedgehog motion picture!

Sonic the Hedgehog Motion Picture Soundtrack

Reviewed by: Adam Tuff
Version reviewed: CD Release

Music has played a crucial part in Sonic the Hedgehog’s popularity across three decades, from the infamous Green Hill Zone theme to just about every major genre.

Delightfully, Sonic has already enjoyed multiple video game outings in recent history to which the soundtrack has been scored (often with a real orchestra) to something more synonymous what would be expected with a big screen movie; in many senses, Sonic is already used to performing against a classical musical backdrop akin to that the Sonic the Hedgehog movie soundtrack provides.

The album, released both digitally and physically (on CD and 12” vinyl) comprises 15 tracks composed by Tom Holkenberg, award winning Dutch composer extraordinaire (who also goes by his stage DJ name “Junkie XL”) with an impressive back catalogue of work on movie scores such as Mad Max Fury Road, Deadpool, and Terminator: Dark Fate.

Performed by a 40+ piece orchestra, the soundtrack delivers; bombastic brass and soaring strings, that slide effortlessly from suspenseful to joyful, are performed to the impeccable high standards demanded by Hollywood. Many pieces, such as But I Will Always Be Faster are further embellished with a contemporary flourish and segue into moments in which the orchestra is led by a synthesiser.

If you enjoyed the novel SEGA chant performed the chorus at the beginning of the movie, you will be delighted to know this has been incorporated as part of this soundtrack as a prelude to Meet Sonic, however remains the only inclusion of vocals. The soundtrack is full of standout compositions and demonstrates why Holkenberg is so prolific in Hollywood, crescendo-ing with He Is My Friend, which is a tour-de-force of pace and an amalgamation of common progressions for the movie’s climax. There is however some element of frustration that Holkenberg has not leant on Sonic’s rich musical back catalogue, and although some chiptune elements are deployed, they share no commonality with anything from the Megadrive or Genesis of which fans would be familiar with.

To those looking for a comprehensive soundtrack of everything featured, you will have to look elsewhere for the likes of Speed Me Up and Hyper Potions’ Friends. Equally, if you are looking for anything reminiscent of a Sonic the hedgehog video game, you might find yourself disappointed. However, if you are an avid movie goer and can appreciate a more traditional score when separated from film, the Sonic the hedgehog motion picture soundtrack will be a welcome addition to your collection.

The digital soundtrack is currently available digitally through Spotify (where you can find the complete list of songs included).

Sonic the Hedgehog Motion Picture Soundtrack (CD): Amazon.com (US)

Sonic the Hedgehog Motion Picture Soundtrack (12” vinyl): Zavvi (UK), Amazon (UK), Sound Of Vinyl (US)

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