Werehog Plush, Cream the Rabbit Mugs & More Re-Issued Merch Available for Pre-Order

Hey, remember Great Eastern Entertainment? The US-based toy company once had a license to make all sorts of official Sonic the Hedgehog-themed tat, and is coming back in a big way this June by re-issuing a number of its old items. Yes, you’ll soon be able to buy a Werehog plush doll once again!

Among the items available for pre-order on Entertainment Earth’s web store are a range of plushes (ranging from $26.99 – $35.99 each), a Sonic/Shadow/Silver blanket, Sonic slippers and even a… Cream the Rabbit themed mug? Haven’t seen that one before.

If you’re still in the market for a Super Sonic or Super Shadow plush as well, GE Entertainment has re-issued those too. Some of it looks new, too – you can purchase a couple of Tyson Hesse’s IDW Sonic comic cover artworks as prints.

Check out the full range here – pre-orders are open for most of these starting today, and specific items will release in either May, June or July 2020.

Source: TrackerTD (via TSSZ)

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