Tomoya Ohtani to Guest Star in Sonic Channel’s Next ‘Sonic 2020’ Livestream

SEGA Japan has announced the latest in its monthly programme of Sonic-focused livestreams – and this time, series sound director Jun Senoue and art director Kazuyuki Hoshino have a special guest in attendance.

That’s right, fellow Sonic sound director and DJ fan Tomoya Ohtani – best known for his work in Sonic Colours, Sonic Forces, Sonic Rush Adventure and more – will be making an appearance on the stream. No doubt he will be asked about his long history in creating music for the franchise, as well as the recently-announced DJ-style album, ‘Popcultcha’.

This is the third broadcast from the Sonic Channel team, and have become a pretty good way to learn about upcoming brand collaborations in Japan. Annoyingly, a lot of these products are unlikely to be released in the West, making us insanely jealous – as well as excited, of course.

This next episode will go live next Wednesday – April 22 – at 8pm Japan Time (which is 12noon UK time). We’ll be sure to tune in and report back on any interesting announcements.

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