Sonic YouTuber Shaves Head For Charity, Raises $3500 for Direct Relief

In news that will no doubt lift your spirits during these trying times, a group of fans from the US Sonic YouTube community have raised over $3500 to support the Direct Relief charity and its drive to support those in need in the coronavirus pandemic. For one streamer success came at a great sacrifice – he had to shave his head.

YouTuber and newly-bald charity drive organiser Sam’s Procrastination Station created a two-day streaming event called #GONNASTAYHOME, which ran on Thursday and Friday, aiming to raise funds to help those currently struggling under the conditions of the coronavirus outbreak. A series of gaming challenges were set up for a number of fellow fans to stream and clear, which attracted a lot of attention and good will across social media.

The event also involved some star talent. Lee Majdoub, known for playing Agent Stone in the Sonic the Hedgehog movie, took part by playing Team Sonic Racing on Thursday to help with the fundraiser. You can watch his stream from the event right here.

One of the challenges was that Sam, of his Procrastination Station, would shave his head and face if the event raised enough money. Unfortunately for Sam, fans chipped in enough dough to see the former happen, which resulted in the streamer getting his head clipped live on air.

With the show over, the event raised a total of $3,575.80, the proceeds of which will be going to Direct Relief. According to Sam’s Procrastination Station, this is over three times the original fundraising target.

That’s an incredible effort, and we at the Sonic Stadium are super proud of Sam and the US YouTube community for coming together and pulling this off!

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  1. I’d say it was worth it for the ensuing Eggman memes and image edits, but it was truly just worth it to see the fans rally together for such a great cause.

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