Sonic Forces Speed Battle Hits 50 Million Downloads

SEGA Hardlight, the team behind most of SEGA’s mobile gaming efforts, have reported that the mobile version of Sonic Forces has reached 50 Million downloads.

Sonic Forces Speed Battle launched in September of 2017 as a variation of Sonic Dash, and since then has received steady updates, additional content and special events. With such consistent support, it’s no wonder fans kept coming back to this competitive multiplayer mobile game! 50 million is nothing to sneeze at, and we offer our congratulations to SEGA Hardlight for such an achievement!

If you haven’t played it yet, Sonic Forces Speed Battle is a free download and has more than enough features to set it apart from the original Sonic Dash.

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  1. Great great game, I love it, like all SONIC games by Hardlight!!…
    Since there are Phantom Ruby prototypes in the game and that the players appear / disappear in red cubes, I make the game part of the story told in Mania / Forces / Encore Mode and consider it as the training of the many Replicas by Eggman before sending them to the war in “Sonic Forces” (and the Special Characters as Replicas of characters from other dimensions and /or illusions due to the Phatom Ruby prototypes)…

  2. Played it, liked it, eventually put it down.

    Then they announced Bird Mom was gonna be a playable character and now I am back to playing religiously.

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