Meet SEGA’s 2020 April Fools Prank: Tribot

It’s April 1, so we all know what that means: pranks, jokes, and…just things that aren’t real. For 2020, SEGA Japan has decided to create a brand new character: Tribot, a female counterpart to Orbot and Cubot.

According to the tweet, Tribot is a “universal support robot” who “gets crazy when she gets angry.” There is also some mention of her having “low blood pressure,” which is odd given she’s a robot, and presumably doesn’t have any blood. The tweet also seems to imply it’s a prank call from Rouge.

Check out a (rough) translation of the tweet and Tribot’s concept art below:

Emergency call from Rouge!

It’s hard! Eggman has completed the universal support robot “Tribot”!

… It’s a girl and low blood pressure, but she’s crazy when she gets angry.

What? Is it a lie …? I don’t know. Uhfu ♪ [Rouge] #AprilFools

It’s a good design. I wouldn’t be surprised if fans start demanding this become an official character!

Via Sonic 20th Twitter


    1. Except Irish the Hedgehog is a pleasant and welcomed addition (a lot like Jin from Yu Yu Hakusho).

      Where Irish would fit in exactly, I don’t know, but in an age of both the covid-19 and drought of any meaningful characters/content, it shouldn’t be too hard to incorporate him.

  1. Huh. Actually looks like a Sonic character that’d fit with the main cast. Though Eggette/Omelette steals my heart first.

  2. I wouldn’t mind seeing this April fool’s prank turn into an actual character. Maybe change the colour to blue, (to fit in with the primarily colour schemes of Orbot’s red and black & Cubot’s yellow and black) retool the design a bit and it should look rather good.

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