IDW’s Sonic #30 Alternative Cover is Amazingly Cheerful and Wholesome

While there is still no official word on when the issue will be coming, IDW has gone ahead and revealed an alternate cover for Sonic #30. The issue itself will be set during the aftermath of the Metal Virus, and the cover shows everyone looking… so… darn… happy! Even Shadow’s smiling!

This awesome-looking alt cover was produced by freelance comic artist and illustrator Adam Bryce Thomas, who shared it on his Twitter page. Check it out, with and without colors and logos, below:


  1. After all the heartbreak & rage from the Zombot Virus,
    And bringing in the Deadly Six, (Never forgave what they did to Tails & now Cream.)
    I don’t blame them being “so… darn… happy.” It’s like IT’S OVER! IT’S FINALLY OVER!!!
    But I hope Super Sonic beats up Dr.Eggman silly for starting this mess in the first place.
    And tell him to stick to making Robot Shells with Animals inside them.
    (SatAM style Roboticization has no place in the Sonic Series anymore.)

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