You Can Buy Sonic’s Shoes Now! But It’ll Cost You Thousands of Dollars.

While Sonic’s iconic shoes have technically been available before, they’ve never been true athletic sneakers that the hedgehog himself would actually wear while trotting around South Island… or San Francisco. However, thanks to a collaboration between PUMA and The Shoe Surgeon, you could potentially own a pair of Sonic’s trademark slick kicks from the movie!

But your odds aren’t great, as only five were made. That said, if your bank account seems too full, you could just drop thousands of dollars for a pair on eBay.

Show the world how much you love Sonic (and how rich you are) by dropping a not-so measly $10,000 USD to buy them now. You could also try to get them at a better price by bidding above the starting price of $7,500. (and I thought First 4 Figures were getting pricey!)

For those with the capitol to spare, this is your opportunity. For everyone else, you may as well grab some red sneakers from a thrift store and wrap it in sports tape for that authentic “Boom” look.

But what do you think? Are you going to take out a loan and have a pleasantly awkward conversation with the banker about how you plan on collecting gold rings to earn that money back? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  1. How quickly people forget Sonic’s *iconic* Soap shoes from SA2. This is at least the 3rd shoe tie-in promotion Sonic has had.

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