The Sonic Movie Coming to iTunes and BluRay this Spring!

With many movie theaters now closed due to the pandemic, Hollywood is taking its theatrical releases like “Onward” and “Trolls 2” and putting them available to download digitally. According to an iTunes listing, Paramount’s “Sonic the Hedgehog” will be available to purchase digitally on March 31st. What’s more, it will include bonus features likely meant for the Blu-Ray release, coming May 19th, as well.

An excerpt from the iTunes description:

“Level up with these fun-filled and action-packed Apple Extras. Sonic the Hedgehog continues his adventure around the world in this new animated short!  Plus, get more of Sonic in deleted scenes and laugh at the hilarious blooper reel. Explore the origins of the legendary blue hedgehog and see Jim Carry bring the super-villain, Dr. Robotnik to life in these behind-the-scenes featurettes. Don’t miss the awesome commentary by director Jim Fowler and the voice of Sonic Ben Schwartz and so much more!”

We’re not sure if “Apple Extras” means they are exclusive, so if you don’t want it from Apple, you should wait to see what the other video services like Vudu, Google Play or Prime video offer.

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  1. I assume that also means Standard DVD as well (because barely anyone owns a Blu-Ray player).

    1. Yes, it does but I am getting it on Blue-Ray. I use my PS4 to play movies anyway. I have no DVD player haha. My computer has also the function to play Blue-Ray so it can be different from person to person. 🙂

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