Sonic Movie Gets 4K Steelbook Edition

In addition to the blu-ray version announced a few days ago, the Sonic movie will also be getting a steelbook edition. This version will come with the 4K, blu-ray, and digital versions of the movie in a metal case, along with a book titled “The Adventures of Sonic & Donut Lord.”

This will be exclusive to Best Buy, and scheduled to release at the same time as the standard blu ray edition on May 19.

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  1. Not the kind of movie you want to watch in 4K, in fact I think VHS quality would actually work well here, Sonic would blend better.

    In all seriousness I’d buy the heck out of an official VHS version, put it next to my Batman Forever and The Mask, but just far enough from The Grinch.

  2. This is available to preo-rder in the UK via Zavvi too. Its currently 29.99 although they dont mention the comic. :-/

  3. This steelbook is alo available via zavvi in the uk for £29.99. Does not seem to include the book though.

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