Sonic Hacking Contest Coming This October

It’s no secret that the Sonic community is home to some of the most talented people around, and every year the Sonic Hacking Contest showcases their latest up and coming mods and hacks.

If you’re interested in showcasing your work or are thinking about entering the contest, now’s the time to prepare! You can find out more details about the expo, including individual trophies you can win, projected deadlines and more! Find out if your hacks are eligible on Sonic Retro or Sonic Stuff Research Group.

Stay tuned for more updates on community run events such as this!

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Indigo Rush

AKA Alex Ventrella, Indigo Rush is a longtime member of the Sonic Stadium's message boards and has something of an affection for a blue hedgehog you may have heard of. If you're into memes, check out his Meme Bean account on Twitter for shenanigans of the Robotnik variety!

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