PSO2 to Launch With Special Sonic Collaboration Pack

We’re still pinching ourselves that an official English-language version of Phantasy Star Online 2 is coming to the West (well… North America… *European grumble*), but SEGA doesn’t have time for your disbelief! The game launches on Xbox One in NA on March 17, and to kick things off SEGA is offering players the chance to buy in on a ‘Founders Pack’ that includes a bunch of Sonic-related in-game goodies.

Titled the Phantasy Star Online 2: Sonic Collaboration Edition, this special bonus set allows early-bird players to don a couple of blue blue-themed outfits, perform some mascot-worthy emotes and gain access to some game-related bonuses.

You can see a display of the Sonic F and Sonic M outfits, as well as the Sonic and Tails emotes and the Sonic Hair and mask accessories, in the video below.

Additionally, this introductory pack also comes with 5 ‘Ragol Memory’ items. Now, SEGA’s kept quiet about this, but these in-game items can be collected and used to purchase outfits from the original Dreamcast Phantasy Star Online games!

The Sonic Collaboration Edition will be on sale for $59.99 USD. We’re pining for a UK-based release (or at the very least, the ability to purchase this from the UK/Europe when the game hits North America).

For a full list of items you get in the pack, check out the official PSO2 Website.

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  1. And no love for the Nintendo Switch.

    Apart from Nintendo IPs, it seems that Playstation and Xbox consoles get everything.

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