Deleted Scene Featuring Old Design Baby Sonic Toddles onto YouTube

As we know, the Sonic Movie went through a whirlwind of changes during it’s development, so much that it had to be significantly delayed to fix Sonic’s design. While we all got a clean look at the old design of teenaged Sonic, we only ever got to see the “redesigned” version of Baby Sonic… until now.

While some shots look very rough, a lot of this looks pretty polished. This deleted scene features a different set of events at the beginning of the movie. Longclaw actually makes it onto Earth with Sonic, and the two are left to fend for themselves on a strange world.

This never before seen sequence is one of the bonus features that’ll be packed in with the physical release of the film as well as the special iTunes release.

via Paramount Movie’s YouTube Channel

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  1. Designs aside, I don’t understand why a scene that introduced Sonic and his power so well got removed from the final movie.
    It is very polished even at this stage and certainly does more than the intro did in the movie.

  2. While its still creppy, I honestly don’t find the original design’s baby form as bad as the grown up one.

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