Sonic Talk 67: Bringing a Sega Nomad to the Sonic Movie

In this very special Sonic Talk with a very ordinary number, we’ve got a full house with Jason, Alex, Chris, and guests Evil Dr. Reef of The Spindash, and Cory “Jet Black.”

What were our impressions of the movie? Who got to meet the stars? Who got to meet a Sega Nomad? What was so contentious that our hosts fell into lengthy arguments? What is Jim Carrey and where did it come from? Some of these answers and more in this month’s episode of The Spectacular Sonic Talk!

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And because Chris demanded it, here’s his massive list of alternate episode titles:
“50 Ways to Say We Didn’t Hate the Movie”
“To the Jim Carrey Straw Man in the Room”
“Hello, Child, Take a Look at my Sega Nomad.”
“Ruth Bader Ginsburg Machine”
“Pitching Zillow to 7-Year-Olds”
“Jim Carrey’s Super Saiyan Egg-o-Matic”
“We Need to Address the Fart Joke”
“Justifying the Fart Joke Is Not a Valuable Use of Our Time”
And finally, “I Think Competent Is a Pretty Functional Word”

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