Sonic Spindashes to the Top of the Box Office With $100 Mil Worldwide Take

There is simply no denying it at this point: Sonic the Hedgehog is a worldwide hit.

After scoring a $20.6 million Saturday haul in the U.S. and $43 million overseas, it is now estimated that Sonic the Hedgehog is going to rake in about $100 million worldwide. Its numbers in North America are looking to be record breaking, with an estimated 3-day weekend haul of $57 million. This not only blows away yesterday’s industry estimates and Paramount’s own expectations, it also boosts past Detective Pikachu’s $55 million opening, making it the biggest opening for a video game movie of all time.

The top international markets for Sonic the Hedgehog were Mexico, where it earned $6.7 million, and the U.K., where it made $6.2 million. The movie is expected to reach $111 million globally tomorrow.

Where Sonic won’t be breaking records is its international numbers, but that was to be expected. Detective Pikachu managed to earn $150.7 million on its opening weekend, but it also opened in 62 markets vs Sonic’s 40. Those 62 markets included China and Japan, two massive markets Sonic won’t be debuting in for weeks.

With Sonic now making more than its estimated $81-95 million budget in just a single weekend, the only question that remains now is how high it’ll go. Depending on whether or not it has legs, the Sonic movie could be running up the score for awhile. In order to become the highest grossing video game movie of all time, Sonic will have to surpass Detective Pikachu and Warcraft, which earned $433 million and $439 million respectively. Sonic has neither the star power of Ryan Reynolds, nor the advantage of a lucrative summer release, but it also doesn’t have much competition for family audiences this month. With Sonic consistently blasting past expectations, Sonic could very well dash past that record too. (And with that, I think I’ve reference enough Sonic things in this article)

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    1. once it breaks over $120mil+ (no clue if marketing is part of the $95mil so adding more) breaking even so early on and people saying they will see it again, a sequel is pretty much going to be announced very soon (SXSW probably).

  1. Paramount pictures thought they wouldn’t make their money back for the redesigned sonic!😁💎😀😱

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