SEGA Confirms Sonic Panel at SXSW2020

Sonic panels have become a tradition at Austin’s South by Southwest event, and this year will be no exception. The panel will take place on March 20 at 3PM, and will feature guests from SEGA and Sonic Team.

The panel description on the SXSW confirms there will be a few announcements. As always, we will be covering the event here at Sonic Stadium, so stay tuned!


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  1. Curious as always but becoming increasingly wary. If they do announce something considerable like an anniversary title, my hope is that it’s been in active development for a good while as opposed to purely concept for three or four years and only a year’s active development as happened with Forces. As my favorite developer they have my trust to do something great but we’ll see what comes of this in March.

  2. Expectation: A new action anime, Sonic Battle successor, Sonic Advance Collection, Sonic Adventure 3, untitled Silver game.

    Reality: Big the Cat game, Big the Cat merch, Sonic 1 re-release, SA1 remake, Forces 2, some movie related tie-in.

    It’s just a joke, but don’t act like you wouldn’t be totally OK with anything in the expectations list.

  3. Hopefully its Sonic Boom rise of the lyric remastered for Switch and Sonic Forces 2: after the movie for PS5 and Xbox Series X. Would like to see sonic in true 4K.

  4. I hope Roger Craig Smith and Mike Pollock would be in it.

    Sega, Hasbro and Nickelodeon partnership for a new Sonic TV animated series in style of Team Sonic Racing Overdrive and Chao in Space titled Sonic the Hedgehog EX with current voice actors including Roger Craig Smith, Mike Pollock and the others
    Sonic the Hedgehog/Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Team-up comics issues 1-7
    A Sonic Adventure 1&2 remake and A Sonic adventure 3 or an adventure styled game, will be released in maybe next year.
    New characters for a new Sonic game would be Two new brother and sister hedgehogs related to their cousin, Sonic, a new male echidna related to his older cousin, Knuckles, and a teenage male fox related to his cousin Tails and a new Lion villain character.

    Fans can think of it at the event next month.

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