Check Out This UNUSED Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Track!

Following the release of “Speed Me Up“, LA-based Platinum Producer, Songwriter, & Entrepreneur Charles “Chizzy” Stephens III has shared an unused song, recorded for the Sonic the Hedgehog movie.

Chizzy took to Twitter to post a 45-second sample of the track, which samples the Green Hill Zone theme. Listen to the sample below:

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Adam Tuff

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  1. There is only one way to sing about going fast and this isn’t it.

    I gotta go faster, keep up the pace…

    When I need to sate
    I just accelerate
    Into oblivion…
    Into oblivi yah yah yah yah yah yaaan

    1. Slick, this is so much better than the one they used. It just goes hard, and it makes me WANT to hear a full song

  2. its still rap but i prefer this over what we got.
    any idea if the green hill remix heard in the trailer actually appears in the movie?

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