Sonic Movie Storyboards Show Off Highway Action Concepts

Over the weekend, Sonic the Hedgehog movie artist Heiko von Drengenberg shared a number of interesting concept storyboards highlighting the creative process behind some of the high-speed cityscape action scenes.

The storyboards cover scenes that we have already seen in the trailer, so don’t worry about any potential spoilers. They focus mostly on the car chase and skyscraper drone scenes, with some rather imaginative poses and facial expressions for both the Sonic model and James Marden’s character.

“Sonic the Hedgehog shenanigans. Some choice frames from the trailer. This was a really fun project,” Drengenberg wrote on his Instagram page. “Did I mention I had a blast working on this? Can’t wait for February.”

What do you think of the scenes? Do you think the final movie images reflect the storyboard originals? Let us know in the comments below – and click on each image to see them in full size.

Source: Heiko von Drengenberg Instagram [Post 1 / Post 2]

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