Sonic Forces: Speed Battle Teases Golden Bay Zone

Sonic Forces’ mobile counterpart by SEGA’s Hardlight Studios is very much alive and well, and we’re about to see a new level added to the roster: Golden Bay Zone… but hang on, is this based off of Sonic Adventure 2, or the Sonic Movie?

Going off of the initial Tweet and flavour text, it would seem to be a pretty straight-forward reference to the beloved opening action stage, but it’s not quite that simple as we know that San Francisco is a major setting in the upcoming Sonic movie.

Even the first teaser poster showcased the titular “Golden Bay” Bridge in the scenery. Given the naming of the stage and the fact that the movie is premiering very soon, this could very well be a promotional tie-in with Sonic Forces: Speed Battle.

Either way, City Escape was based off of the city of San Francisco’s steep city streets and open bay area, so whether or not this is a reference to the film or Sonic Adventure 2 may not matter, this is still familiar territory for our blue hero!

What do you think this is a reference to? Movie, game or both? Please speculate in the comments below! We’re curious to know what you think.

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  1. there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be a reference to both, when there are obviously references to both the movie and sa2 in the promotional pic given to us by hardlight. most likely speed battle is referencing a part of the sonic movie which in turn references sonic adventure 2.

  2. Personally, I think it’s the city from Forces as it was before Eggman attacked. Been a while since I Speed Battle but I’m pretty sure that bridge is in the city stages.

  3. I think it’s safe and funner to say that it’s a healthy reference to both. City Escape has been one of Sonic’s more iconic stages in the more modern era ever since SA2, which in turn has made San Francisco more iconic to Sonic fans, which likely made it a fitting setting for the movie’s climax (nostalgia gets butts in seats, lol). So in a way, it’s a three-way reference: the actual city itself, the SA2 level that everybody feel in love with, and the setting for the upcoming movie that has been getting a healthy upward hype trend going for it since the redesign campaign.

    All in all, I love seeing posts like this, even though it’s just a tiny sampler of lore, it’s still lore and I always appreciate it when they try to expand the series lore, even by a little bit like this (instead of contracting it like Iizuka’s been doing lately for the last few years). My headcanon, it’s all the same city, but like with the Sonic Heroes stages the “acts”/areas get different names. Not to mention, “Golden Bay” kind of works better as a stage name when you’re no longer being pursued by the military anymore, lol.

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