New Sonic Movie Character ‘Longclaw’ Teased

It looks like we have a new morsel of information regarding an as-yet unrevealed character in the Sonic movie. There has been talk of an owl character making an appearance in the live-action flick, and a new tweet from Paramount’s Spain division seems to have given us a confirmation of this character plus a name!

Check out the tweet below (machine translation immediately below):

“I remember #Longclaw [he’s] always saying to me, “Sonic, go without haste but without pause.” I never understood it, really. And what phrase do you remember being told often?”

Our friends at Sonic Paradise have reported on its Twitter channel that Longclaw could be the name of the rumoured owl character in the movie, that acts as a guardian/partner of Baby Sonic:

“It looks like LongClaw will be the name of the rumoured Owl who will accompany Baby Sonic in the movie!”

Very interesting! We’ll be first to report back on any new developments as they happen.

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