Mephiles Returns… on Finesse Skateboard?

You thought you’d never see him again, but Mephiles the Dark from the infamous 2006 debacle is getting some merchandise, along with some new artwork to boot!

Finesse posted the teaser image of Mephiles on their Instagram account, indicating that a new skateboard branded with the one-time evil antagonist is on the way!

This is not the first time they’ve collaborated with SEGA to bring Sonic-themed apparel and accessories, either. If you’re looking for some way past cool skateboard graphics, Tech Decks or t-shirts, this is a great place to find them!

Finesse Brand Instagram (via Linkabel)

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  1. Mephiles is one of the high points of 06, if you ask me. It’s hard to find a villain nowadays that actually feels threatening.

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