Adorable Baby Sonic Cake Gets Stabbed and Gutted

Life was given and taken away in the span of a few hours: reports confirm that YouTuber “Sugar High Score” created Baby Sonic entirely out of cake, icing and maybe even love, only to betray him just as he had begun to observe the world around him.

The video starts off innocently enough, Stephanie talks about how adorable Baby Sonic is, how she was originally going to create a teddy bear cake, but as soon as she saw the juvenile hedgehog trending on Twitter, she changed her plans to create a Baby Sonic cake instead. The process is actually quite interesting, she takes her audience step by step on how she structures the cake and the kind of icings she uses.

But the adorable tutorial doesn’t last, for as soon as Baby Sonic opens his adorable green eyes for the first time, Stephanie takes a chefs knife and slices right into his soft, still-developing skull. It’s a quite a horrifying thing to witness, and honestly, who could do such a thing?!


We demand justice for Baby Sonic. We demand restitution for this crime, and we won’t rest until the adorable sugar-glazed hedgehog is avenged.

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