The Sonic Movie Plushie is Real, and He Brings Golden Doughnuts

As we get closer and closer to the release of the Sonic Movie, accompanying merchandise has started to surface, one of which is a cute little Movie Sonic plushie!

Gaming and news publications such as IGN and Digital Spy have shared photos of the new plush on social media with a box of doughnuts with golden glaze, an obvious reference to the power rings you collect in the games. It seems like this plush, as of now as far as we know, is only a promotional merchandise for those publications.

One interesting detail regarding the plushies’ design is the shoes… have you noticed that they aren’t the same as what we saw in the trailer and other promotional material?

What do you think about this little doughnut-bearing Sonic plush? Do you think it’ll be available for purchase soon? Let us know what you think!

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Indigo Rush

Indigo Rush (Alex) is a longtime member of the Sonic Stadium's message boards. If you're into memes, check out his Meme Bean account on Twitter for shenanigans of the Robotnik variety!


  1. Awesome it would be fantastic if I got a full photo and if you could put it up for sale before Christmas that would be a dream come true 😄

  2. Oh thare is a full photo but it’s awesome but if you can make the body a bit Skinner that would be great thanks 😁

  3. I have two theories as to why the shoes looks like that: 1. It’s a prototype plush and they’re not worried about details such as the shoes yet, and 2. It’s a plush taken from a specific point in the film where Sonic wears the shoes that the plush is wearing. Maybe he loses his shoes shown in the trailer and has to wear those, or comes to earth with those shoes/finds them after getting to earth and gets the trailer ones later.

    1. Update: I just noticed that the picture of Sonic on the tag is wearing the same shoes the plush is wearing. This means that the design shown on the tag is what the plush is based off of, and so therefore it’s probably from an earlier stage in design from before the trailer. I sincerely doubt it’s newer, since the shoes seem like a serious downgrade from the ones we have now. They just probably couldn’t show it until the after the trailer released since the design is too close to the updated version.

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