The 2019 Sonic Hacking Contest’s Results are Here!

The Sonic Hacking Contest of 2019 has been adjourned, and it’s time to see which hacks and mods got the most votes for their respective categories!

There were a lot of good entries this year, with some of the most impressive ones including Amy in Sonic Mania, Sonic 2 Advanced Edit and the hilarious Amy Adventure 2.

So, who came out on top? The results were streamed on TailsChannel yesterday, but here’s a quick look at the top mods in each category:

Sonic 2 Advanced Edit took the trophy for best Retro hack, essentially turning the base game into an all-new adventure that could pose as a “what-if” alternate universe Sonic 4 for the Mega Drive.

For the best 3D hack, the Sonic Adventure 2 Randomizer took gold. It’s a hack that really needs to be see to believed: the game mixes up characters, background music, voice clips and even cinematic cutscenes. It’s definitely the funniest way to play the game (along with Amy Adventure 2, of course… I wonder if those mods can stack?)

Finally, the best 2D PC hack was Sonic Gaiden! It’s easily the most ambitious looking hack, taking the framework of Sonic Mania and making an entirely new game with new levels and Special Stage layouts. It’s not complete yet, but it certainly grabbed a lot of attention at the expo.

For a list of the other trophy winners and runners up, check the results on the official site here. What were your favorites? Are you looking forward to next years? Please let us know in the comments, and be sure to follow the official Sonic Hacking Contest Twitter account for the latest on next years contest and expo!

Special thanks to YouTube channels Razor & Zenon, Anon7906 and Axanery for documenting these hacks in video format.

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