Baby Sonic Cutes It Up in New Sonic Movie Teaser

Step aside, Baby Yoda, because there’s a new cuteness in town! The latest teaser from the Sonic movie’s Japanese twitter account has given us our first glimpse at the long-rumored “baby Sonic.” The teaser features the little blue tike blasting through Green Hill as Sonic Mania’s opening theme, Hyper Potion’s Friends, plays in the background.

Check out the video and CG image of baby Sonic below!

Now that we know that baby Sonic is weird, one has to wonder what the character looked like before the redesign.

The Sonic the Hedgehog movie will hit U.S. theaters on February 13, 2020.

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  1. I always disliked “baby forms” of famous characters, but this was actually pretty amusing.

    I’m too terrified to think what the original design must have look ike though. XD

  2. Why doesnt sega ever use a baby Sonic in the games???
    *remembers classic Sonic*
    … oh yeah nevermind.

  3. Hmm….i wonder if “baby” is a reference to “classic” sonic and that running scene is a montage of him running throught iy as a baby then as an adult to show thats his life.

    Be a somewhat cool easter egg to the shorter sonic if so

  4. I was hesitant to mention it in the article, but it DOES look like the image with baby Sonic has some CGI characters on the branch in the background. Maybe…hedgehogish? Even the teaser is too low quality to make them out.

  5. Am I the only one wondering who he’s giving that flower to? And why does he have the same exact sneakers as he does as an teen/adult? Did the cop guy give them to him? But then what’s he using for the part of the movie before he gets the Pumas? Is he just using the original Nikes that his prototype used? What does cute baby Sonic even have to do with the overall plot? I’m so in the lost here, this came out of left field for me, lol. XD”

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