Watch the BRAND NEW Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Trailer!

Check out the latest Sonic the Hedgehog movie trailer, with the brand-spanking new re-designed Sonic, right here!

In additon to the new movie trailers, several brand new movie posters have been released, including this English language poster…

…and this Japanese movie poster…

…and the Australian movie poster too!

What do you guys think of the redesign? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I’M LOVING THIS!! Not only is the design much better (what a cute little Sonic!!) the overall tone and story content is SO much better? Funny jokes, actual interesting plot (if Eggman is on Earth, then who is ‘stealing’ Sonic’s power in his world??), and really nice looking visuals now (Green Hill !!!!!). Even just the rock music works so much better. I think this will be a fun film – not perfect, but good fun!

  2. I spotted Hill Top on Sonic’s table tennis, uh, table, and GH for Green Hill on his baseball cap.

  3. It may not solely save the film, if the plot and screenplay ends up being typical mediocre shitfest from Hollywood (As it may realistically be the case here). – But I do admit that they really did good job with this new redesign.

  4. redesign – Love it

    Sonic is very annoying though, like very very annoying not only that but his voice is very unfitting and Ben as i’ve mentioned before is just doing the same voice performance he does for every other character he’s done.

    It’s like Sonic is being dubbed by Dewey duck from ducktales 2017……

  5. Sooooo much better!! I didn’t think a live action Sonic could ever work, but this just might be it. Thanks to Tyson Hesse and whoever had the sense to hire him to lead the redesign!

  6. Redesign is looking better and better the more I see of it. It won’t save the movie’s plot and screenplay (never expected it to) but I’m a bit more interested in seeing the movie because of it (well that and seeing Carrey’s portryal of Eggman).

  7. I can’t wait to Sonic the hedgehog movie on Valetines day, it’s going to be awesome! Sonic looks Great, now that he is better looking than before.

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