Lost Sonic Adventure DLC Rediscovered

A long lost DLC event for the Japanese version of Sonic Adventure has just been uncovered. Moopthehedgehog, a member of the Dreamcast development and homebrew website DCEmulation, found a copy of the game’s 1999 New Years event on an old memory card he ordered from Japan.

The event reportedly places a Japanese Kadomatsu, a traditional New Years decoration made of bamboo, pine, and ume trees, in the game. The event was originally released on December 26, with a second bug-fixed version released on December 29. The event ran until January 7, when Kadomatsu decorations are typically removed.

The version found by Moop is the second, bug-fixed version, and is currently available over at DCEmulation. If you’ve got a Dreamcast, or a Dreamcast emulator, go check it out! It’s probably only a matter of time until DreamcastLive, a website that already has a repository of Sonic Adventure DLC and is easily accessible through a Dreamcast, will have it as well. If you have any interest taking your Dreamcast back online, they are a great resource.

Old school DLC can be difficult to preserve. Once the original servers hosting the content go down, it only exists in the storage of some developer, or on the memory cards and hard drives of the gamers lucky enough to have downloaded it.

When it comes to Sonic’s Dreamcast DLC, the popularity of the games largely ensured the preservation of nearly everything. This New Years event had long been the final missing piece of Sonic Adventure DLC. With its discovery, all of Sonic Adventure’s DLC is now finally preserved!

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