Jack in the Box Partners with SEGA to Promote the Sonic Movie

Gotta eat fast! Popular hamburger chain in the United States “Jack in the Box” will soon be promoting the Sonic the Hedgehog Movie in 2020!

It may not be as popular as McDonald’s, but Jack in the Box is a well loved burger joint all the same! (They do not have chili dogs, sadly) We currently don’t have any more information on the kind of promotional material we’ll be seeing next year, but as soon as we find out, we’ll update you.

Stay tuned to the Sonic Stadium for all things Sonic!

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Indigo Rush

AKA Alex Ventrella, Indigo Rush is a longtime member of the Sonic Stadium's message boards and has something of an affection for a blue hedgehog you may have heard of. If you're into memes, check out his Meme Bean account on Twitter for shenanigans of the Robotnik variety! https://twitter.com/memebeanregime


  1. They should’ve teamed up with Sonic the fast-food restaurant, they even serve chili dogs, it would’ve be perfect! XD Then again, Jack-in-the-Box is probably more popular. ^^;

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