Never Before Heard Demo Music (3D) Blasts Onto The Internet!

Hang onto your blast processing chips! In the interest of game development preservation, Jon Burton, founder of Traveller’s Tales and GameHut has released some demo tracks for Sonic 3D Blast for the SEGA Mega Drive, composed by Jun Senoue way back in the early 90’s. It’s music that’s been hidden from us for decades, and now we have access to it!

The YouTube video showcases 3 demo takes by Jun Senoue: the opening theme, an extended version of the title theme, and the invincibility theme. Because these are demo takes, the original compositions before being translated to the 16-bit hardware, the sound quality is a bit different from what you’ve heard before!

It’s also worth noting that the title of the video, Demo Takes #1, indicates that there could be more incoming from Jon Burton’s YouTube channel. We’ll keep our eyes peeled (and ears sharpened) for more demo tracks and update as soon as we can!

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