Data Discs’ Sonic CD Vinyl Release Looks Incredible [Photos]

Way back in June, we reported that retro game album producers Data Discs had announced a special vinyl of the Sonic CD soundtrack. As a game that still resonates with many Sonic fans, 26 years after its original Mega CD release, this news caught a lot of people’s attention – with a limited edition ‘splatter’ edition selling out almost immediately.

This week, Data Discs has started mailing out copies of the album to fans that raced to pre-order. And as you can see from these photos, it’s an absolutely stunning bit of merch. Before you even begin listening to the thing, it’s clear that a lot of care and attention went into making this package as premium as can be.

This release includes the Japanese original soundtrack, sans main themes ‘Toot Toot Sonic Warrior’ and ‘Cosmic Eternity’ (perhaps one of only two things that detracts from this release; although it’s understandable given various licensing issues preventing those two songs being re-released).

That might be a bit of a shame for those looking for Spencer Nilsen’s US do-over, but on the flip side it seems that Data Discs worked closely with Japanese composer Naofumi Hataya to make this an authentic and high-quality mastering of the game’s unforgettably energetic and lively soundtrack.

Inside, the offering is your typical high quality Data Discs fare – a digital soundtrack download card, art cards and some pretty vinyl. But unlike the Sonic Mania release, there is no gatefold cover containing the three vinyls. Getting the vinyl in simple sleeves is a little disappointing, but this is mostly made up for by the way they have been designed. You’ll see a little later.

The included art cards have gorgeous key art on the glossily-printed front side, and various concept art and scene illustrations on the back. One of them has a full-blown message from Naofumi Hataya written to fans to celebrate the release of the album. He talks a lot about how Sonic became an influence in the UK, and in turn how the British trend of dance and techno music also helped inspire him to develop the Sonic CD soundtrack.

The initial run of the album (which is now, sadly, sold out) features a limited edition ‘splatter’ set of vinyl to give the records the same kind of vibrancy that you can find in the Mega CD game itself. One vinyl features a blue ‘splatter’ and another features a ‘green’ one – these, alongside the third blue vinyl, look stunning in the record player but really pop when seen in a light setting.

The final touch is absolutely genius, and if you’re not careful you’ll completely miss it! In the limited edition run, the ‘F’ Side of the third blue vinyl contains a discrete etching of Sonic and Eggman on each side of the record. It’s difficult to capture on camera, but if you squint you can just about make them out. It looks absolutely brilliant when held in your hands.

So there you have it – Data Discs’ brand new Sonic release. And from the packaging, it’s an absolute belter. We’re listening to it right now, and will continue to listen to it until our record player dies (or we decide to swap it out for Data Discs’ Sonic Mania album instead). If you’re interested in getting a copy, you can still buy either an all-blue vinyl set or a standard black vinyl set by going to the website here.

Let us know if you plan to get it, and what you think of the set above!

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