Sonic Boom’s First Season to Finally Get DVD Release

For years, anyone wanting to own Sonic Boom on physical media have had to deal with piece-meal releases, whether it’s America’s two meager 8 episode volumes, or the UK’s more substantial 13 episode volumes. According to a new Amazon listing, it looks like those days might be finally coming to an end, with Sonic Boom Season 1, Volume 1, coming courtesy of NCircle Entertainment.

Slated for release on October 1, the two-disc volume comes in two packages: a $25 version bundled with Sonic & Eggman action figures made by TOMY, and a $15 version that just has the show. The first volume comes with 26 episodes, which covers half of the first season.

You can pre-order the DVD here. You can check out the included figures, DVD arc, and a list of included episodes in the images below:

The episodes are listed out of order on the back.

Currently, there’s no word of when (or if) the second volume is coming. Given that this isn’t the show’s first DVD release, it’s probably only a matter of time.

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  1. Slightly salty that I very recently bought the four individual volumes! Ah well, I guess in a way this is just a repackage of those.
    Wake me up when somebody properly and fully releases season two!

  2. I Facebook instant messaged ncircle entertainment asking if they plan on releasing Sonic Boom Season 1 Volume 2 with the remaining 26 episodes of Sonic Boom Season 1 and they replied to me yes with a release date of February 4th 2020 I also asked if they plan on releasing Season 2 of Sonic Boom and they also replied yes eventually they just said they couldn’t give out a release date about Sonic Boom Season 2 Volume 1 or Sonic Boom Season 2 Volume 2 just yet

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