Storm Gets Tropical In This Gnarly Speed Battle Event!

The National Weather Service has detected that a Tropical Storm is heading towards your mobile device. Be prepared to host a Cabana Bash on Sonic Forces Speed Battle. Remain on your phone. Do not attempt to resist looking at Storm’s silly outfit.

SEGA Hardlight has announced a new event for Sonic Forces: Speed Battle called “Tropical Storm’s Cabana Bash!” This should cure any Tropical Depression you might be feeling, because just look at his outfit! Tropical Storm joins the ranks of other Sonic characters wearing fun outfits, such as Witch Rouge, Lantern Silver and Santa Big, and brings a new item, “Wipeout” along with him, surfboard in tow! Dude!

The event is on now, so open up that app and get started unlocking this rogue albatross. I wonder if they’ll introduce “Gnarly Wave” or “Jet Stream” to round out the oceanic weather puns.

Stay tuned to the Sonic Stadium for more updates on Speed Battle and all other things Sonic!

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Indigo Rush

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