Sonic-styled Switch controller coming soon from PDP

Anyone who’s ever wanted to have Sonic’s face on a Nintendo Switch controller will finally be getting their wish later this year, thanks to gaming accessories manufacturer PDP.

The new gamepad is the latest in PDP’s line of “Gamecube-style Wired Fight Pad Pro” controllers, which utilizes Nintendo’s classic controller design and plugs into the Switch dock via USB. Like the Nintendo character-themed controllers PDP released last year, this controller can also swap the second stick with a yellow, Gamecube-style c-stick. If this controller is like the previous ones in its line, it will also be compatible with PCs, although it is officially only being marketed as a Nintendo Switch controller.

Check out the images below, posted on the Australian EB Games website:

The controller will be released later this year. Although nothing is known about the pricing in other regions, the controller is currently priced at $50 Australian. PDP released their previous, Nintendo themed Fight Pad Pro controllers for $25 in the US.


  1. I’d love something like this for my GameCube, too bad it’s usb, though I guess with a Wii+hb one could use it on GC games, at least the Sonic games don’t rely on the analog triggers. I think Sonic Riders might use them to some extent.

    Design-wise I would have made the bottom part also blue.

  2. What if this was licensed because SEGA’s porting the Gamecube-era Adventure games and Heroes and wanted to get a branded peripheral out to give it that gamecube feel

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