Sonic Runners Fan-Led Revival Project Goes into Open Beta in July

Ah, Sonic Runners. We really did like you, you know. And then, almost as soon as you were released (well, about a year after the initial launch in 2015 actually), SEGA killed you off. So we’re pretty excited to hear that a bunch of mobile-loving fans have taken it upon themselves to bring you back to life again. That’s pretty awesome!

The project is known as ‘Sonic Runners Revival’, and aims to be a re-introduction of the entire game on iOS and Android devices. This is being made possible by the creation of a custom online server that has been tweaked to host all of the content that was offered through the official SEGA service four years ago. And now the team is ready to bring the game to an Open Beta, starting July 15th.

If you don’t remember, Sonic Runners was a mobile-only Sonic the Hedgehog game created by Sonic Team that featured an ‘endless runner’-like experience. Sonic characters would automatically run from left to right, and you had to complete ring-collecting, badnik-bashing or survival challenges based on timely screen taps, which would make your character jump and perform special moves. It was pretty great, if not very short-lived.

According to whispers on the internet, even though this is a 100% fan-led project, it apparently has SEGA’s blessing (given, we’re assuming, that there’s no commercial gain involved for the Sonic Runners Revival team), so there shouldn’t be any concerns as to whether this will get kicked into the bin by corporate lawyers any time soon.

More details on the fan project will be made available on its official website, here. We’re very keen to see how this turns out – stay tuned for further updates as we get them.

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  1. Runners was fun when i could play it but the framerate, internet connection and heat caused from having the app open just ruined the experience…
    Not to mention… THE WHEEL…

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