SEGA Reveals 59th Anniversary ‘Vision’, Vows To Be A ‘Game Changer’

SEGA celebrated its 59th anniversary yesterday in style, publishing a flashy new corporate video that recalls the company’s history and promises plenty of exciting projects for the future – alongside a pledge to earn its status as a ‘game changer’ in the entertainment industry.

“Creation is Life,” starts the video, which involves two blue shooting orbs passing through the various eras of SEGA development, from its humble days as a coin-operated machine manufacturer to its ‘service’ based products like the Dreamcast console and its inter-connected arcade games.

“A history of moving experiences… never before-seen products… never before-seen services… what we really have created… is moving experiences through our products and services,” the video continues. “Surprise. Enthusiasm. Happiness. Let’s change the game. Let’s gather our strengths… Be a Game Changer.”

We’re looking forward to seeing what SEGA has cooking over the next year as it focuses its efforts on its back catalogue – and of course, a brand new Sonic game that is currently in development. Watch the full video below.

Happy birthday, SEGA!

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  1. ” a pledge to earn its status as a ‘game changer’ in the entertainment industry.”

    59 is a bit too young to start going senile, SEGA.

  2. I doubt this video was really made for their 59th anniversary; SEGA was using this video and have had this vision as early as 2017. I think they just recently made this video public again and updated it, here’s the original unlisted video dating back to April 10, 2017: (originally found from, they replaced it with the updated one.)
    According to a rough translation in the description in that video (and side-by-side comparison), the recent one is just an updated version.

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