New Crush 40 Ultimate Compilation CD and DVD To Be Released

A new Crush 40 compilation album, “Driving Through Forever”, comprising a CD and DVD set, is due for release next month!

Following the release of Jun Senoue’s The Works III, and Maximum Overdrive – The Soundtrack to Team Sonic Racing, a recent listing on Amazon Japan indicates that a new Crush 40 album “Driving Through Forever – The Ultimate Crush 40 Collection” will see a Japanese release on the 21st of July 2019.

It will contain a variety of tracks covering the band’s 20-year catalogue, including the main theme to Sonic Adventure, “Open Your Heart” to their latest track,  “Green Light Ride”, from Team Sonic Racing.

Only 4 tracks have been confirmed so far (“Live & Learn” and “Sonic Heroes” in addition to those above), with the remainder to be confirmed soon.

The release will als contain a DVD, the contents of which are currently unconfirmed.

The album is available for preorder through Amazon Japan for ¥2,837.

More details to come!

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Adam Tuff

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