Bentley Jones is Back With A New ‘Dreams of An Absolution’ Remix

He’s been away from the Sonic the Hedgehog scene for a while, but record producer and artist Bentley Jones has come back into the fold – just in time for Sonic’s birthday – with a fresh remix of ‘Dreams of an Absolution’.

The original song, if you remember, was developed by Bentley Jones for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3… er… ‘classic’ Sonic The Hedgehog. It was used as the theme for then-newcomer Silver the Hedgehog, and it gave fans a bit of a unique ‘trance’ vibe in a series whose soundtracks were, until that point, largely focused on a hard rock sound.

What you might find interesting is that Bentley Jones came to work with SEGA on Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic 2006 after creating loads of fan-made Sonic remixes on video game community Overclocked Remix under the pseudonym ‘LeeBro’. Much like Tee Lopes today, Bentley went from fan remixer to official soundtrack contributor in about 60 seconds flat.

Bentley Jones has remixed the song since the game’s release a number of times, but this new rendition changes things up significantly and will sound pretty fresh even to the Silver fans who have the original song on constant repeat. The general ties to Sonic and Silver are, obviously, removed, with the video instead opting to depict Bentley saving… Bentley from the ‘Absolution Tower’. Interesting stuff. Metaphors, eh? Brilliant, aren’t they?

Anyway, we think the new track sounds pretty good, and it’s always nice to see Mr. Jones pop back in the community every now and then. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section.

If you’re interested in the fascinating story of Bentley Jones (the artist formerly known as Lee Brotherton), you can read our exclusive interviews with the chap when he worked with SEGA on Shadow the Hedgehog in 2005, and again for Sonic 2006.

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  1. Geez, will bentley ever leave this song alone? Lol the vocals are sound, but the beat still feels underserved. Less powerful than it should be. Bj vs js remix is still the best bentley just leave it alone

  2. This is awesome, I’m still waiting for an official cover of Dreams Dreams, with TJ Davis of course. SEGA needs to drop that NiGHT3 know what I’m saying?

    Anyway I really like Dreams of an Absolution, 2006 was a good time for Sonic fans, I miss the hype these games had back then, they had a sense of urgency and adventure you just can’t find nowadays. A game overflowing with content and replay value, not just 1 minute lifeless levels.

  3. I know this song has been done to death, but I still love each new version he comes out with. Plus, if you actually do follow his work, he’s done plenty of new interesting experimental stuff, so it’s not like all he ever does is this song and nothing else. It’d really be nice to see him come back for future Sonic games again, as well as hear a few more interesting covers and colabs from him and a few other big names like Crush 40, Cash Cash, and Tee Lopes. Can’t wait to see what else he has in store in the future!

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