Sonic Spinball coming to the SEGA Mega Drive Mini

SEGA revealed another ten games for their upcoming SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis Mini today, including Sonic Spinball. Developed in 1993 by the American-based SEGA Technical Institute, Sonic Spinball put Sonic into pinball-inspired levels, where he had to collect the chaos emeralds and defeat bosses.

Spinball marks fourth Sonic game to be announced for SEGA’s mini console, joining Sonic 1 and 2, and Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine. Check out the list of all ten newly revealed games below:

• Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle
• Beyond Oasis
• Ghouls and Ghosts
• Golden Axe
• Phantasy Star IV
• Street Fighter 2: Special Championship Edition
• Mega Man: The Wily Wars
• Sonic Spinball
• Vectorman
• Wonderboy in Monster World

With ten more games left to be announced, it is very possible that SEGA has one more Sonic game waiting in the wings for their mini console. Stay tuned!


  1. There’s two games that could make the list, IF Sega is going to put a fifth Sonic game on the Genesis Mini. Emphasis on the ‘”if” part. I would be gobsmacked if it was Sonic 3 & Knuckles, so you can tell where my money is going. $200 dollars says Sonic 3D Blast/Flickies Island is that game IF, IF, they put a fifth Sonic on the console.

    1. Most likely sonic 3 & knuckles will not make the list, because somebody owns the Michael Jackson songs sad right only in united states. For example sonic advance what happened bad contract that last 20 or more years, the one who made the game went bankrupt. I just wish sega of america would just by it from the bank, but I understand that the creator of the game would still have rights to it. There’s at least 5 gba sonic games will never have a re-release again, sonic 3 & knuckles, and the incomplete sonic chronicles ds cliffhanger, all because sega wouldn’t pay Mr. Penders. What I do hope is they re-release virgin(disney) aladdin game the one with the sword.

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