IDW’s Sonic comics sell out again

IDW has revealed that their latest Sonic comics have all sold out. Sonic #14, #15, as well as the recently released Sonic Annual have all sold out “at the distributor level.”

This comes as IDW’s Sonic comic has been entering its second major story arc, with a Tangle and Whisper mini-series on the way this summer. The latest issue, Sonic the Hedgehog #16, just released today.


  1. The annual is good and wholesome. I love Jewel – we dont really have any beetle characters in the Sonic series (now we do).
    I hope the mini-series sells well because Aaron hinted at SEGA merchandise of Tangle and Whisper if it does.

  2. This comic deserves every dollar it has earned and maybe some more, I’m loving it so far and personally I’m enjoying the more serious direction the latest arc is taking.

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