BREAKING: First Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Trailer and Poster Unveiled!

Stop the presses! The first trailer for the Sonic the Hedgehog movie has finally been revealed to the public. With all the commotion surrounding the film – with trailer details published in advance by the press and Jim Carrey’s look as Eggman being leaked, curiosity and anticipation for what the ‘Real Life Sonic’ will look like has hit an all-time high. Check out the trailer below.

A poster for the movie has also been revealed! Check it out:

What did you think? Let us know in the comments section below!

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    1. I’m hoping it’s either really good or really, really bad. The only way it could disappoint me is if it was mediocre 😀

  1. It seems… fine. Like, there’s nothing in it that screams “This will be great” or “This is a train wreck.”
    Carrey eats the scenery as you’d expect, but that kind of is what 2019 Eggman is.
    Sonic looks… okay-ish at some angles, but his mouth looks incredibly weird at other angles, especially head-on.
    The humor aims, maybe slightly, slightly above “we want to be a kids movie,” but doesn’t land well enough to cement that position.
    I’m definitely more optimistic than before, but not much more. It’s a step up from the studio that brought us Monster Trucks, but it strikes me as something that’s still going to end up being ultimately forgettable.

  2. This is obviously the SEGA Equivalent to that 1993 Super Mario Bros. Movie! Maybe I should watch a GOOD Video Game Movie like Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. At least that was Paramount’s crowning achievement that would make Square Enix and Eidos proud.

  3. Its awful…Sonic’s looks and voice is too human and his voice is also very bland nothing standing out……

    But i do like that poster

  4. Well….somehow I still don’t know how to feel. Model is still awkward, Schwartz is still an odd choice for Sonic but is decent, I guess…? “Gangster’s Paradise” is still a really weird choice for a Sonic trailer, you could have easily used Queen’s “Can’t Stop Me Now”, the rings are going to be warp rings between worlds, I guess, and as I had expected, Jim Carrey is the best part of this whole trailer, maybe even the whole movie. This is still telegraphing the telltale signs of a bad live action adaptation, but the trailer got a few chuckles out of me so it might be worth seeing at the very least for Jim Carrey hamming it up, if nothing else.

  5. Wow…um. My expectations were pretty low, but this somehow was worse than what I expected. Not sure who thought late 90’s movie humor made sense here, but that style has NOT aged gracefully, and I am pretty sure it won’t be appreciated by the current youth either. I’m guessing the viral backlash & gag viewings will be the only reason the film makes any money – as the character design and premise are incredibly unappealing to the average movie-goer. My guess is under $2M at the box office premiere.

    Also, is it just me, or is “Sonic’s” CG jarringly lacking the correct color grading of the background scenery? It seems…bad..from a technical standpoint; his CG doesn’t seem blended into the environment at all.

    My friends know how big of a sonic nerd I am and were all texting me their sympathies this morning lmao.

  6. It’s does looks cool like transformer or TMNT movies but man Jim Carry is hilarious why did u lick the hair man lol😂

  7. It is both everything that I could have possibly feared about this movie….and yet everything I never knew I always wanted.

    This will be such a train wreck. I’m bringing a bottle of Jack. I already want the sequel.

  8. Dr. Robotnik looks terrible but I don’t any huge issues with the rest of the preview.

  9. Look, I know that Sega likes to compete with Nintendo and all, but who at Sega thought it was necessary to compete with the Super Mario Bros. movie of all things? Sega had already bested Nintendo there by not releasing anything.

  10. Eggman is awesome. I do like Sonic’s “Badass face” but not “Screaming face”.

  11. He looks better in all the posters I’ve see. And there are moments in the trailer where he looks really good and moments where he look way too humany and moments where he just doesn’t look cartoony enough. The part where he runs at the camera and says gotta go fast he looks pretty good but the scene where Tom finds him he looks god awful.

  12. The crazy thing is, the original live-action Sonic design teased in the promotional images actually looked a lot better than this. But this design is MUCH worse! The eyes, the mouth, the legs, the “Meow?”. Where do I even begin?

    “Any publicity is good publicity”. Is THIS what’s going to kill Sonic!? Because that’s what Paramount seems hell-bent on doing.

    Not cool! Sonic is a video game icon, YOU TREAT HIM LIKE ONE! Just as you would Mario or Pikachu!

  13. I didn’t hate it, I really think Sonic’s CGI needs some work on those early shots as he looks pretty damn creepy but the ones at the end of the trailer look fairly on the mark (barring the mess they’ve made of his 👀).
    I think I’ll be going to this for Carrey who looks like he’s in full Riddler mode for the first time since 2000’s The Grinch 😯

  14. This is what you take your kids to if you want to scar them for life.
    This is what you take adults to if you want them to cringe and say, “Wtf?”

    *Hides in the corner and cuddles favorite Sonic plushie.*

  15. Never had hopes whatsoever for this movie since I first heard about it, and as expected it looks like the Sonic franchise’s ‘answer’ to the 1993 Mario live-action movie. Heck, I would even have gone for a Sonic Boom movie then this.

  16. i was a casual sonic fan when i was younger. never went out of my way for the guy, but i spent many hours racing around as our furry friend. always got a lot of enjoyment out of the games.

    i, like many others, was horrified to see what paramount concocted in this trailer. seriously, did not a single person stop production to be like, “hey fellas, i just realized that this is repulsive! back to the ol’ drawing board, eh?” but a couple days into my continued disgust, i began to think about you all. the people who cared for the sonic franchise on a deeper level and had a lot of emotional investment in it. i wondered if maybe we were all judging the cgi too harshly and that maybe to you, the people that the film was really targeted towards, this was just a slight on what would hopefully be an exciting, sentimental experience.

    these comments have given me confirmation that no, this really is just an abomination. i’m not being a movie snob in thinking that the comedy seems one-dimensional, the animation is horrifying, and the plot seems fan-serviced at best. they relied far too heavily on jim carrey, who is beyond brilliant, but his brand of over-the-top hilarity outshines everything else and should be the focus of whatever film he’s in. not as the antagonist that is supposed to somehow provide conflict and comic relief at the same time. but that’s a rant for another forum.

    i want to take this chance to extend my sincerest apologies to all of you who got their hopes up so high for this movie, only to be severely dashed in two minutes and forty-six seconds of outrage. here’s to hoping that this is just some balls-out marketing stunt by paramount and that you, and sonic, get the feature film y’all deserve.

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