7 Facts We Learned About the Sonic Movie From CinemaCon

Although we, the dwellers of the internet, are yet to see any footage from the up-and-coming Sonic the Hedgehog movie starring James Marsden and Jim Carrey, twitter has been buzzing with news coming from those attending the event and the two teaser-trailers shown there.

Here are the most important pieces of information we have learned from CinemaCon so far!

1: Sonic is definitely an Alien

According to Slashfilm, Sonic is indeed from another planet, who has travelled to Earth in search of aid. He travels to Earth using rings (which sound more like the giant “special stage rings” rather than objects he collects) so it sounds like at least part of the film will not take place on earth.

For those hopeful for a mention of Mobius, I think you might be expecting too much.

2: It turns out Gangsta’s Paradise is in the trailer

A widely reported piece of information from DreamcastGuy, who claimed to have seen the Sonic Trailer last month, turns out to be true! Coolio’s hit single is in the trailer.

What relevance (if any) it holds to the film is still unknown, as is whether or not Coolio will make an appearance (but we hope so!)

3: Some of the jokes are downright weird

“I was spitting out formulas when you were spitting up formulas” appears to be a line from Carrey’s Dr. Robotnik in the movie, with the response of “I was breastfed” from Marsden’s cop character.

We really don’t know what to make of that!

4:Carrey’s Robotnik will be comedic

Carrey has played several straight roles in recent years, but it seems his incarnation of the genius inventor will be a return to more comic roots for which Carrey is better known for, or more precisely “intellegence screwed up by Ego” according to the actor himself.

According to Deadline, Carrey had a few suggestions for alternative movie names as well when he appeared on stage:

“Been there, done that. This movie is nothing without me,” corrected Carrey, who also suggested possible new titles: How about Robotkic [sic] Conquers the World? Eggman: Hard Boiled?”

You should probably stick to your day job, Jim!

5: Sonic gets shot

Sure it’s only with a tranquiliser gun, but still, bit harsh eh James?

6: Robotnik’s robot army is “transformer-like”

It’s unsurprising that with the success of Michael Bay-esque blockbusters in which scenes erupt with explosions and robots, that the Sonic movie shouldn’t lend elements from that.

We just hope we’re going to see some modern takes on Crabmeats and Caterkillers rather tha more Bumblebees and Megatrons.

We are still holding out for a Metal Sonic!

6: There are still divisions over Sonic’s design

While it sounds like many remain unsure about Sonic’s appearance and quality of CGI in the movie (after all, it has Detective Pikachu to compete with), there seems to be a growing contingent who think the movie will be at least fun, even if just for younger audiences:

Does any of the news coming out of CinemaCon change your expectations on the Sonic Movie? Let us know in the comments!



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  1. a movie Metal Sonic would be amazing but also disheartening, i like him more than Sonic so a bad design would leave an even bigger bad taste.

    1. I say wait for the sequel to introduce Metal Sonic. Because Eggman will need an excuse to create him.

  2. “Does any of the news coming out of CinemaCon change your expectations on the Sonic Movie? Let us know in the comments!”

    No, I’m still scared lol.

  3. Sonic the live action game is unfortunately happening. Don’t they know live action game never make the cut. Sonic Boom 2 live action game coming to ps4, Xbox one, and nintendo switch! Ha ha ha sad right. No I don’t have any proof it’s going to release on these consoles.

  4. This is going to be like the Super Mario Bros. movie from the 90s… and let’s be honest, it’ll do about as much damage i.e. negligible 🙂

  5. It feels like to me this film was something else with a hedgehog alien in it but because he was blue they just thought “hey lets make it a sonic movie” cause so far I’m seeing nothing sonic themed or related in this film….apart from bits where they are trying too hard to tie it the franchise.

    Seriously though, its really really bad from what i’m hearing and i can’t believe not one person in the making of this movie thought “Hey we should stop here and restart it, it’s pretty bad right now”

    Its for kids as expected but hey why push away your main audience? the fans

    I know they wanna aim for new audiences, but seeing as this film is nothing like the actual games just makes things worse.

    Can you imagine a kid new to all of this, seeing this film and then go “the games are like this? ew i aint playing them” OR playing the games and going “the games arent like the film?….I hate this, Sega please make the games like the film!!” OR even “why isnt Jim carrey voicing Eggman in the games?”

    I can see this going really bad for the franchise and Sonic’s career going in a bad direction

    And personally I dont think Paramount really care for this, they see it as a joke.

  6. It’s amazing.

    All these images teases, all this information, celebrity castings, a vague poster already in theaters, with a release date of November (NEAR THE END OF THIS YEAR!),

    And not one. single. freakin’. trailer!

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